MLS Live Reviewed and Recommended


I’m not a shill, nor am I getting paid to say this, but I think that a fan of any league has the right to complain or praise aspects of the way the league runs its business. I will be the first to criticize MLS for its lack of relegation. Without it, clubs have no pressure to maintain success consistently. Consider Chicago Fire and their underperformance the last three years. Two of those years (2014 and 15) Fire would have been shipped off to tier 2, replaced by a hungry team who worked their asses off to make it to MLS.

But I digress, this post is about one of my favorite aspects of MLS, their amazing streaming service, MLS Live. Live offers every game, every week, except for nationally televised matches which are blacked out for 48 hours, available for viewing after that time period. Several matches can be streamed at the same time, through the use of the site’s multi-game feature. Viewers can also use multiple devices to watch different matches simultaneously. What’s the catch?

It isn’t the price. If you signed up before the end of February, you paid $69. Now the cost is $79 for the full season or you can pay by month ($15). Compare that to other sports: MLB – $110, NFL – $99 (no live games), NBA – $99. This is the best deal in sports streaming. Every match, live and on-demand, all season. Last year, with the playoffs looming, I watched the 4-4 draw between the Timbers and Sounders that had been played months before in the beginning of the season. Every match, literally, on demand.

This isn’t an ad, it is however a recommendation. Considering how much soccer ISN’T broadcasted, the plan is well worth every penny.  Sign up for MLS Live and stay connected, can’t recommend it higher.


Header pic borrowed from MLSLive

MLS Live Reviewed and Recommended

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