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Just as Brian predicted in podcast number 1, the veteran (aka old as fuck has-beens) players that MLS clubs keep dropping money on are already beginning to suffer injury. The first to fall is ex-Chelsea midfielder (though he has played for several other clubs), Frank Lampard. Not even a game into the season, Lampard is already suffering from a calf strain, something he struggled with all last season as well. According to, NYFC Head Coach Patrick Vieira seems willing to wait it out: “He missed a few days in the preseason and obviously he will need to spend some time training because when he is back we want him to be back for the rest of the season if he can.” Basically, NYFC is going to sit and wait until Lampard is good and ready to play.

Lampard makes 6 fucking million dollars a year “playing” for NYFC. Will they ever learn? Until they do, this league will continue to throw money away on old guys who are constantly going limp.


Obviously the image is from the Jackass logo.

More Like Limpard

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