Jonesing in Colorado


According to, Jermaine Jones has landed with the Colorado Rapids. The aging USMNT “star” couldn’t find common ground with New England and instead headed to the Western Conference for Colorado’s first round draft pick and some cash. How he will fit in with a team that has had massive turnover remains to be seen. Sadly, we won’t know how this transfer works out until game 7 of the season, due to the suspension Jones is carrying with him from last season.

Honestly, he’s old as hell and his skills have deteriorated more and more each season. It’s always the same dribble-dribble-challenge-turnover. What he once was, he is no longer. I used to have a ton of respect for the guy, he was beast in the midfield (particularly for the USMNT)and I was excited every time he touched the ball. He’s just not that guy anymore. Depending on how Colorado finishes this year, this could be a costly trade.


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Jonesing in Colorado

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