They say you should never read the comments. For some reason, I read a few of the comments on this pile of shit posted on Screamer yesterday. I’m glad I did, because Chris Pronger makes a lot of sense:

I really dislike this tone on Deadspin. There’s always a reminder of how bad the football is in MLS. I’m from Europe and in no way interested in MLS. However, it’s your local league. How it compares to England or Germany is irrelevant. You support your local league. That’s how they do it in England. But it’s also how they do it in Egypt and Macedonia, in Iceland and Iran. Do you think every Polish football writer starts all his columns with “I know our league isn’t the EPL, but hear me out guys.” It’s okay to support foreign clubs, but respect your local football.

It makes little sense to write a post about the promise of American soccer while shitting on the league that has done the most to develop American soccer. I wish some folks would stop comparing MLS to other leagues at every turn. Take it for what it is: our league.


MLS logo from Wikipedia.com.


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