NYCFC Adds more Transfer Cash, sheds Jacobson

New England Revolution v New York City FC

According to, NYCFC has trading midfielder Andrew Jacobson to the Vancouver Whitecaps for Targeted Allocation Money. Jacobson is a solid, experienced veteran of 174 MLS matches. He’s not an amazing player, just a solid bench player who can bring experience to a club looking for a gap filler who will play his role on the pitch. In the same article, Carl Robinson, Whitecaps head coach, stated his goal for Jacobson: “Andrew will also be an important asset in the locker room, as he will help guide our young midfielders.” What NYCFC plans on doing with that money remains to be seen, but they are a club who doesn’t mind spending money to add talents, even if that talent is in name only.For those of you who may not know what exactly Targeted Allocation Money is:

MLS clubs may bring forward a portion or all of their allotted Targeted Allocation Money, up to $500,000, to be used in a single season on up to three players at a time. For example, if a club wishes to sign a player at or above the maximum salary budget charge this season, that club may use up to $500,000 of their Targeted Allocation Money this year to acquire him. A club that uses all of its allotted money will not receive more Targeted Allocation Money unless they acquire it from another team.

For his part, Jacobson seemed happy with the trade as it makes him geographically nearer to home.: “I want to sincerely thank New York City FC for helping me make a move to be closer to my family.

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NYCFC Adds more Transfer Cash, sheds Jacobson

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