Klinsmann knows Best


Yesterday, when we sat down to record Episode 5 of our podcasts, I went nuts on the USMNT, Clint Dempsey in particular. “He’s got no heart. He’s not running out long balls. He looks like he doesn’t care.” Thankfully, we didn’t attempt to predict what the result would be of tonight’s match in Columbus. I’m sure I would have continued to heap on the team and predict another loss. And we both know, I would be very wrong.

Tension was high before kickoff in Twitter and in Columbus, people everywhere were calling for Klinsmann’s head left and right. And then instead of the lackluster performance of the 25th, a renewed US team showed up and attacked from minute number one. And of course, Deuce scored the first goal. After a lopsided match that could have ended 10-0, the US claimed a 4-0 win and all is well in Klinsmann land.

And I won’t take away from their performance, the team kicked ass and looked world-class. We managed to get far enough of Guatemala to cap tie up and comer Christian Pulisic. We spread the goals around and got Jozy and Deuce involved, which when they get streaky, they can be scary. I was thrilled and proud, etc etc etc.

But… the reality is, Klinsmann cannot resist tinkering with his lineup and he will fuck this thing up. He cannot resist moving players from their natural positions because he knows better. Consider DeAndre Yedlin and his constant struggle to maintain his right back position against Klinsmann’s desire to shift him to more “attacking positions.” The reality is, Yedlin, with his ridiculous speed, can make any position an attacking position and has no problems, streaking 70 yards down the field and then turning around and coming back to defend on his back line. But Klinsmann knows best.

So I’ll celebrate with you, for the moment, but just wait, Jurgen can’t help himself and he’ll destroy this thing.



Klinsmann knows Best

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