Jermaine Jones, Piece of Shit


So I’ve been silent for a bit, due to my wife delivering a baby, but I’m back now and I’ll continue to update this site as best I can.

I understand that stars live in a bubble made up of their own farts, but the shit spewed from Jermaine Jones’ mouth in a recent article on is pretty rank. “When you know people hate you, you get respect from that,” Jones told reporters this week. “If you walk into the stadium and [fans] don’t like you, you know that they think you’re a good player. They’re scared.”

Dude, no one is scared of you. You are an aging player who has outlived his usefulness on the national team and is now biding time on a middle of the road club. I hope you trip on your own shit.

How’s that for a hot take…


Image from


Jermaine Jones, Piece of Shit

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