Columbus Screw


If you follow MLS, you’ve already heard the news but let’s repeat it for old time’s sake. Columbus Crew, in a last second (seriously, like 12:55a) deal, have traded their star forward, Kei Kamara to New England for “a record amount of allocation money…as well as New England’s highest first round SuperDraft pick in 2017, second round pick in 2018 and an international roster spot for the 2016 season.”source

What’s so unbelievable about this deal is the quickness in which this shitstorm seemed to spiral out of control in Columbus. Just a week ago, Kamara and Federico Higuain had publicly clashed over who would take a penalty kick during a match against the Impact. Kamara was attempting to finish off a hat trick and assumed he would take the shot, instead Higuain took the kick, made it, but then the match quickly went from blowout (4-1) to draw (4-4).

It’s clear now that this argument was just the tip of the angry iceberg in Columbus. After suspending Kamara after the match for publicly complaining about the lack of team play, Columbus immediately began shopping their angry striker. Contrary to what Deadspin is claiming, you don’t do that without a laundry list of clashes unknown to the public. He’s is at the top of his game, trading him now only makes sense if he’s destroying the team. Whatever was wrong in Columbus, clearly management had decided Kamara was to blame.

Obviously this is great news for New England who lands a player who has just come in to his own. Last year he tallied 22 goals and came in second in MVP voting. He’s under contract till 2018 and will have a lot of reasons to try to make Columbus look bad. I’d expect him to play angry and score goals by the handfuls this season. Probably a lot less heart hands though…


Columbus Screw

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