Bury My Heart USA _ Episode 22


Episode 22 features a return to soccer. We focus on the NYC Derby and Brian’s trip to the East Coast, then Bruce Arena’s comments on analytics, and then we discuss all the soccer from MLS week 20, plus NWSL, NASL, USL.

Bury My Heart USA _ Episode 22

2 thoughts on “Bury My Heart USA _ Episode 22

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi Dan- Believe it or not you’ve got a listener in Las Cruces. Bosque is the Spanish word for wooded area and It’s pronounced “boh-skay.” Long o. I didn’t follow your Twitter stuff pre-pocast so why don’t you and the guys part with a little more info on yourselves? Like where did Monty play? Enjoying your knowledge and thanks for taking the time to educate others.

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    1. Jennifer,

      Good call on the pronunciation heads up. Monty never played collegiately but has been in club soccer for as long as I’ve known him (10+ years). We’ll definitely try to work in more background in our shows in the future and thank you for listening!

      – Dan


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