Bury My Heart USA – Episode 44

BMHLogoIn this episode, we begin by giving each team a New Year’s resolution. In the second segment we delve into National team call-ups, before wrapping up with Ball-Watching.

Bumper music on this episode supplied by Martin Rach and his Imaginary Band. Their music is free to download from FreeMusicArchive.org.

Bury My Heart USA – Episode 44

3 thoughts on “Bury My Heart USA – Episode 44

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hey Dan- Have you attended an El Paso Coyotes game yet? I’m heading down from Las Cruces tonight and am just wondering how crowded the games get. Thanks!
    PS- Enjoyed the “Bury” awards.


      1. It was super fun. We took 10 13-year old boys and it was a hoot. So fast paced and lots of goals. I had never been to indoor soccer so was very impressed by the speed, and subsequent collisions. I highly recommend checking them out. If you take a kid, be sure to tell them you saw the deal on the Coyotes website that says kids get in free.


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