The Set Piece: USA Loses 2-0


3 Shots

  1. Jermaine Jones cannot start. – If anything was clear in the first half, it was that Jermaine Jones had, to quote Brian, “literally done nothing positive and several things negative.” He was slower than his Colombian counter parts, he missed passes that Nagbe would have gotten to, and, as always, he gave up the ball multiple times when pressing the attack. We all know Klinsmann is loyal to his boys, but Jones’ performance has to be taken as an indicator that the 34 year old cannot start in a serious international competition.
  2. Michael Bradley looked a step slow. – We love Bradley’s smarts and know he’s been a major contributor to the rise of USMNT, but last night he looked slow, his passes weren’t crisp and he always seemed two steps behind the Colombian attackers. The problem is, we don’t have a player on this squad that can do what Bradley has done in the past. Of course, maybe this is one game and on Tuesday we’ll be back to praising him or, more likely, this is the beginning of the end of Bradley’s international success.
  3. Play the young guys. – Everyone is trying to tell Klinsmann who to play and, as we all know, Klinsmann could give two fucks what you think. However, the young kids looked capable against a powerful Colombian team. Pulisic and Nagbe came on in the 60th minute and looked solid, Nagbe less though. Brooks and Johnson were solid on the back line all night. All this says, let them play. If anything good could come from this competition, let it be the establishment of fresh blood in this program. Maybe we continue to allow Deuce to start (the best of the older players last night), but aside from him, get the kids on the pitch and let them create something lasting for the upcoming World Cup.

Other Notes: Guzan, though he gave up a PK and a set piece goal, looked solid in the net…James Rodriguez hurt his shoulder while diving, slightly amusing…Set piece goal was all on Cameron, luckily he played better the rest of the match…Yedlin looked a bit lost on defense, giving up multiple chances to Colombia…That handball call was bullshit…Pre-match entertainment was horrible…Duece’s set piece, barely saved by Ospina, shows he’s still got it…Considering we lost 2-0, our defense didn’t look that bad.

Image from the Guardian.

The Set Piece: USA Loses 2-0