COPA America – 2016 GOP Edition


Few competitions stir this hemisphere’s nationalistic fervor like the COPA America, a competition that brings together the best of the best to compete for soccer dominance. Usually, this competition goes chalk, with the best teams in the world claiming the prize. But this year feels like the year for a new champion. A team that is well-known, who has been down recently, but will raise the trophy in the end. When I put it like that, it reminds me of something…oh yeah, the GOP Primary.

Before you read further, two caveats. One, this is a thought experiment, not a political endorsement of any sort. If the truth must be known, I’m a Berner, but the Democratic party didn’t offer the absolute clusterfuck the GOP shared with the country. You’ll see my opinion shine through in some of the writing. Two, some of these candidates are shitty people, some of them are wonderful people. None of the nations involved should feel insulted by the connections drawn (particularly Mexico). Again, this is a thought experiment and a fun one, in my opinion.

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COPA America – 2016 GOP Edition