El Paso Finally Gets Soccer


So allow me, for the moment, to breathlessly descend inside baseball for an article and discuss what appears to be an upcoming USL franchise for my home city of El Paso, Texas.

So in the down in the West Texas town of El Paso, there’s a really rich guy by the name of Paul Foster. He made his fortune the same way lots of guys in West Texas do, oil. He owns Western Refining and is known to donate millions to his alma mater, Baylor University. According to Wikipedia, he’s worth 1.9 billion. Yeah, with a B. Dude is loaded.

Paul Foster’s wife (and I’ve actually met her a couple of times, but she wouldn’t know me if I was in a lineup), Alejandra de la Vega Foster, is one of the most powerful women (nah, people is more like it) in the city that borders El Paso in Mexico, Juarez. She made her cash running an empire of convenience stores, restaurants, and as the co-owner of the semi famous Triple A team, El Paso Chihuahuas.

Just this year, MountainStar (a reference to a famous El Paso landmark) Sports Group, which she leads added a team into the second division of Mexico’s Liga MX, Juarez FC. You may have seen them recently on SportsCenter missing promotion to the big league by a single match. Mrs. Vega Foster runs that team. She’s a badass of epic proportions and the perfect match for her equally powerful husband.

Well, thanks be to the gods, MountainStar has been working with the USL to add a franchise to El Paso. According to the El Paso Times (an actual newspaper), the group had originally be in contact the Don of MLS, before settling on USL (with the goal of promotion eventually). According to the same article, the new USL franchise should be added in time for the 2018 season. Along with the new club, a new soccer-specific 7,500 seat stadium is in the works. El Paso may be asked to kick in some cash to help. Where do I send my check?


El Paso Finally Gets Soccer